Although the price of crude oil above USD 100.00/bbl. being a treat for the recovery of demand, especially in the West, where the economic recovery remains fragile, Sonangol in regards to marketing of the Angolan oil maintains a fair distribution and coverage on the world market. In 2010, the USA remains the largest buyer of the Angolan crude oil with about 58.5%, followed by China with 26%. The ConocoPhillips in USA showed itself as one of the largest buyer with approximately 19.6% of the total volume of Angolan crude oil sold worldwide. Companies such as Unipec, China Oil and Petrobras had also a very important role in the diversification of destinations for the Angolan crude oil. On regards to the Angolan crude oil quality, Nemba (16.3%), Kissanje (16.1%) and Hungo (15.9%) emerge as the greatest preferences of quality crudes for Sonangol buyers worldwide. For a better picture see graphics: