Quality Policy

The goal of Sonangol USA is to maintain a constant presence in the oil market, avoiding the recourse of intermediaries and commercial agents whilst guaranteeing the sale of the Angolan crude oil on behalf of Sonangol E.P. and the sale of naphtha at their best price.

Sonangol USA is committed to do this by providing our clients with superior and quality services that meet the highest standards of performance, satisfy client requirements, and deliver exceptional value. Through teamwork and by striving for continual improvement and with the continued investment in personnel and other resources, we will ensure a client driven and cost effective solution at all times.

Furthermore, we will work with our clients to define requirements and clarify expectations and we will ensure that our service comply with those requirements and meet or exceed client expectations.

We will recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified, motivated staff and every staff member is personally responsible for ensuring that his or her work is of the highest standard and endorses this Quality Policy. Management ensures that all staff receives full support, resources and necessary training in order to deliver this goal.

We have set Quality Objectives for the organization and the key processes within it and our monitoring and measurement systems ensure that these are met.

The Management of Sonangol USA recognizes that delivery of products and services to the standards outlined and achieving total customer satisfaction can only be realized through the use of an effective management system.

To this end we are committed to implement and maintain a management system that meets the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008 as a minimum, is fully supportive of and underpins the corporate goals and objectives. We will use that management system to drive continual improvement for the benefit of our business.


Revision: 03